Turn your Raspberry Pi into a radio controller for RC vehicles

Brandon's Thoughts

Ever since I tried turning the Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter, I had wondered if it would be possible to make it drive a radio-controlled car. It turns out that it is! With no modifications to your Pi, you can be driving around a toy-grade RC car iFe, and I’ve read about a fewotherones online that should work as well. Any RC toy that works at a frequency in the range of 1-250 MHz should be controllable by the Pi once you figure out the command signals.

I’m going to talk a little bit about how RC cars work, how the code and hardware works on the Pi, and about RC controls in general. If you just want to start driving around, you can jump to the end.

Raspberry Pi FM radio

The first version of the Raspberry Pi FM transmitter was written by Oliver Mattos…

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